Scrappy Freelancer to Premiere Digital Agency – How Diligence Bookkeeping Transformed A “By-The-Hour” Consultant Into A Profitable, High-Impact Marketing Company!

In this blog post, our CEO Steve Miller talks about how Diligence transformed a little marketing consultant’s scrappy freelancing business model into a profession and profitable Digital Marketing Agency!

Dean is a superstar in digital marketing.

He reads more marketing, leadership and technology books than most people read newspaper articles. He is well educated, tech-savvy and a Guru of all things on the Internet.

His consulting business came to Diligence to assist with the menial and basic bookkeeping tasks behind a small entity. However, during the conversation, we also discussed his business model and the way he makes his money.

We discussed his income profile, which is something most people don’t discuss.

(In fact, a lot of people are afraid to even discuss it!).

We talked about whether his business makes money on a predictable or unpredictable basis. We probed further, and then got talking in regards to whether his clients and him knew what they were going to make on a month-to-month basis.

What we found out was that Dean only charged by the hour, which left him in an unpredictable holding pattern which leaves so many freelancers caught between chasing work and fulfilling the work.

When we found out this, we sent him away with a few ideas for his business.

The Result: He’s Now Flying!

We enabled him to make some minor changes in the way he offers his product, which has made some major changes in the way his cash flow and business work.

Rather than being on the hunt for the next client every time he needed income (because the client was engaged on a project by project basis), he is now able to build long ongoing client relationships, rather than having short-term higher and lower income patterns.

Your bookkeeper will see and monitor your income and expense patterns and it’s the interpretation of these that is the difference between exceeding your own abilities and just accounting for them.

    See, at Diligence Bookkeeping – we’re not just about doing your books. We’re about building better businesses!

Being in business for over 30 years in small business, finance and corporate settings, I’m more than thrilled for our clients (who look a lot like you ;) ) to bounce ideas off and help you predict what might be coming.

Ultimately you might come to Diligence Bookkeeping because you need a bookkeeper but you might find yourself with a lot more than just a solution for your GST issues.

Looking to see how you can improve your cashflow profile in your business? Contact Us Today and ask for Steve – he’s looking forward to hearing about your business and discussing how we can help you build a better business!