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Scrappy Freelancer to Premiere Digital Agency – How Diligence Bookkeeping Transformed A “By-The-Hour” Consultant Into A Profitable, High-Impact Marketing Company!

In this blog post, our CEO Steve Miller talks about how Diligence transformed a little marketing consultant’s scrappy freelancing business model into a profession and profitable Digital Marketing Agency! Dean is a superstar in digital marketing. He reads more marketing, leadership and technology books than most people read newspaper articles. He is well educated, tech-savvy... Read more

Become A Financial Triathlete – The Three Pillars To A Prospering and Profitable Business Owner

In this blog, Diligence Bookkeeping CEO Steve Miller reveals his business-profit blueprint that enables local business owners to make the most of their tax planning this financial year. Recently it dawned on me that to really get the best tax outcome there are three different disciplines you need to master, a little bit like a... Read more

Torquay business using Xero to manage cashflow

One of Torquay’s best cabinetmakers is a guy called Robert. He is a bit of a legend down on the Surf Coast and like most businesses in the region his busiest time of the year is summer and around Christmas. Robert does put his family first though and loves to get away in January and... Read more

Why cooking the books isn’t such a great idea

Recently in Geelong another new restaurant closed. This new restaurant had been going for two years and in its first two months was very well received and very successful. The owners knew that although one was good as a chef and the other was good with the front of house and customers, neither of them were... Read more

Using Xero and a bookkeeper saves you money

Rob has been a truck driver for 25 years. He can drive any truck there is, and has the licenses to prove it. He has always preferred to be the subcontractor rather than being an employee, as it gave him better flexibility and tax deductions. He always used to say that once he made $1200... Read more

How to free up 5 hours a week in your business with Xero

This story is one that will show you how Tony, a small business owner was able to free up five hours a week every single week in his business by moving to Xero bookkeeping. Tony has an earthmoving business. To be ready to start work at 7am he needs to be up at around 5am.... Read more

Xero accounting services for Geelong bookkeepers

Recently Diligence Bookkeeping in Geelong, was approached to do the bookkeeping for a bookkeeper! Peter is a great bookkeeper, and was so busy that he never had time to do his own books. Incredibly it meant that he was over four years behind in his returns. In some ways this was great news. Peter was... Read more

Geelong bookkeepers advice about subcontractors

Advice from our Geelong bookkeepers about how the ATO views your subcontractors and the expensive audits that come along with it. Charlie is a plumber in Geelong, who has been working here and down the Surf Coast for years. He now has five guys working with him that he pays every week, but one of... Read more

Transitioning from MYOB to Xero software in Geelong

How Diligence Bookkeeping helped a Geelong business simplify their accounts with Xero software. In 2010 Charlotte and her husband went to their accountant. Her husband Ben, is an expert polisher, one of the best in Geelong, and she is raising four young children. The accountant told Ben, that he should “get MYOB software and do... Read more