Darren Edginton

Steve, Vijay and the team at Diligence Bookkeeping have been helping the Surfcoast Football club for over a year now.

Our executive group and committee are committed to creating management systems and structures that are a positive legacy to anyone who volunteers to assist the club in the future. One of the great outcomes we have seen coming into the 2016 season is that because of the Xero set up that Diligence Bookkeeping in Torquay has created for us, we are able to produce reports, invoices, and show meaningful numbers for all areas of the club operations. This has been invaluable to the club as we are growing and need solid systems for budgeting and management of volunteers.

We have been very impressed with the foresight and business assistance we have received, and would not hesitate to recommend a meeting with the team at Diligence either on the Surfcoast, in Torquay or Geelong.